Brian M. Cohen, M.D.

Dr. Brian M. Cohen

M.B., Ch.B., M.D. (postdoctoral)
Brian M. Cohen is a retired physician who is now using his expertise as an author writing books about fertility and women’s health.

He is based out of Dallas, Texas but is originally from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and trained in Cape Town, South Africa.
August 2021

Getting Pregnant Simply and Resolving Recurent Miscarriage

Getting Pregnant Simply  focuses on the ease with which infertility can be overcome without the need for significant assisted reproductive technology. Through this book Dr. Cohen seeks to spread awareness of single treatments that can result in viable pregnancies thereby reducing the stress on patients and doctors in achieving their needs and overcoming their fertility problems.  

This book transparently describes the principles of diagnosis and treatment of patients with infertility and solutions to be explored in those with recurrent miscarriage in an environment charged with assisted reproductive technology. This volume provides the fundamental knowledge to assist in the possibility of having a more simple therapy which may help them have a viable pregnancy without the need for assisted reproductive technologies.

March 2015

By Her Side: Standing By Your Partner Through Breast Cancer Therapy

Thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and many more females and males are diagnosed with a variety of cancers each day. This book describes the experiences and thoughts of the male partner of a woman diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer. There are many books written on the topic but they rarely if ever mention problems confronted by the husband or spouse.

The book was written primarily to provide insight for and hopefully strengthen and inspire other husbands/partners whose spouses have been stricken with breast cancer, a disease necessitating many modes of therapy, including chemotherapy and radiation.

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January 1991

Management of Infertility

This book was commissioned by Essential Medical Information Systems, Inc. and distributed to gynecologists, OB/GYN residents and medical students as a comprehensive guide to the management of infertility. Well received and widely shared throughout the USA, a key feature of the publication was the introduction of Dr. Brian M. Cohen by Dr. Melvin R. Cohen, the recognized father of gynecological laparoscopy in the USA.